Healing shield Protecteur d'Écran Eye Protection Anti UV Blue Ray Film for Lenovo Laptop Ideapad 320-15IKB

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  • Choose from various films, AFP/Anti-Glare/Anti-Blue for Ideapad 320-15IKB
  • AFP : Olephobic Film. Excellent transmittance. Exceptional sense of touch and strength.
  • AG : Anti-Glare Nanovid Film, Anti-Finger print, Low reflection, Good transmission, Stronger scratch protection. Under the sun, this film as the best of the best. It is also easy to remove of foreign materials with fingerprint-proof effect.
  • AB : Anti-blue Eye protection functional screen protector. Less the influence of the retina. Less eye strain.
  • Easy attachment, Anti-fingerprint effect, Anti rainbow phenomenon.

Healing Shield represents more natural color sense and image quality. Healing Shield has exceptional durability, and also satisfy sense of touch for coating surface due to strength over 3H. Healing Shield protection film products are easy to install and remove using the highest optical PET material and high quality silicon adhesive made in Japan, and it is safe and clean cause of no any foreign materials.
We are proud of excellent touch of sense and specialized surface strength over 3H. *. Anti-Blue is the only anti-blocking harmful blue light and clear picture quality intact.
Healing Blue Shield anti-blocking blue light emitted from the display screen the film in several harmful blue light rays filtering action of the screen to watch only a reasonable amount of it to the proper levels (approximately 30% to 40% filtering) passing the lower. While maintaining a clear, clean image quality is harmful blue light is blocked and your body to maintain healthy eyes and help you.
Anti-Blue shielding film used in the healing film about the base fabric, Cheap fabric, fine fabrics, not only the original imported from Japan and are using it boasts reliable quality.
Maximize the utilization of modern computers with a wide spread of smart devices in the pouring out of the display screen directly and harmful blue light are exposed to long-term Now that block these harmful blue light Anti usual blue film room working on the computer a lot of workers, seniors gnome infringement needle eye, right in the middle of the eye and grow our beloved children back to manage health.

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